PVA - Systems Integration

Converged Network Solution

An application fluent network is based on a resilient architecture with streamlined operations

Enterprise Information Management - Discovery

Discovery helps organizations capture, combine, and transform data across information silos into formats that can be analyzed

Real Time Locations Systems (RTLS)

RTLS uses a breadth of technologies to enable real-time, automatic sensing of location of people and objects.

Professional Services

Professional Services from competent and certified technologists

Information Exchange

Information Exchange facilitates efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside of the enterprise.

PVA's Key Solution Focus is in the Following Areas:

Network Solutions

Local area and wide area network products and services. Data Center engineering and design. Data center management systems, power and cooling systems

Health Care Solutions

Electronic Medical Records solutions, Health Information Exchange, Real Time Location Systems, Telemedicine

Enterprise Information Managment

Content and records management systems, web management systems

Professional Placement Services

Select staff augmentation with a focus on engineering, IT specialists, and project management
PVA provides comprehensive and market leading products, services, and IT solutions for Enterprises, Government, and the HealthCare Industry. As a certified Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner, an Opentext and InfoBlox partner, as well as partnerships with other strategic technology suppliers, PVA is a systems integrator for a broad set of Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) solutions. Headquartered in Burlington, NC, PVA, Inc. is a certified, woman-owned corporation founded in 1996.