HealthCare – North & South Carolina HIMSS Winter Dinner

healthcare homepageA few weeks ago, I attended the NC/SC HIMSS Winter dinner in Charlotte (HealthCare Information and Management Systems Society). It was well attended by providers and other technology companies and highlighted the topic of “Navigating the Waters of Meaningful Use”. Anyone in the HealthCare industry knows what Meaningful Use (MU) is and its relationship with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Overall the session was very informative, the attendees very good to talk with and to set up future collaborative activities, and the food was good. I particularly enjoyed the post dinner presentation and the Q & A and open discussion amongst the attendees and the presenter. One interesting comment or question from the floor was the current trend of using social media in discussing and possibly diagnosing one’s illnesses or sicknesses. It appears that this trend allows people to share what’s bothering them with others that are experiencing the same problems.

So, one questions how risky is this trend? Are there liabilities in this? Is it replacing the doctor/patient relationship because of the high price of HealthCare? Do HealthCare providers have a responsibility here by establishing their own consultative forums on the Internet?

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