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PVA provides OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and business solutions that allow organizations to take full advantage of enterprise information to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact the business, improve process velocity, reduce risks related to information governance, and protect sensitive information and intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats.

With growing volumes and a host of formats to manage and leverage, organizations need to bring structure to the unstructured. By doing so, they will be unleashing the power of information to drive faster decision making, improved agility, strong security policies, and an increased ability to both exploit the opportunities and control the risks of enterprise information.

OpenText provides solutions across the entire range of core EIM capabilities – sophisticated, secure, high-value, and cost-effective – onsite, via mobile devices, private cloud, or in the cloud.

EIM helps organizations with:

  • Business Insight Manage growing volumes of information across all formats and channels for optimized strategic analysis and decision-making
  • Process Velocity Integrate existing information, processes and applications for increased process velocity, efficiency, and agility
  • Business Impact Leverage forces impacting the way we work—globalization, social decision making, and the “consumerization” of IT—to create exceptional experiences for customers, users, and partners
  • Information Governance Enforce information governance policies and ensure compliance
  • Information Security Protect valuable enterprise information from outside intruders and inside leaks

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