PVA Custom Modules for OpenText Products



PVA has developed, installed and integrated several Custom Modules for OpenText products consisting of the following:

  • The PVA Ad-Hoc Query custom module allows the Content Server (Livelink) Administrator to present Content Server (Livelink) system accessible Database Views in such a way that it allows the User with appropriate permissions to create LiveReports without risk to the integrity of the database. This process also alleviates some of the Content Server (Livelink) Administrator’s workload by transferring ad-hoc report generation responsibilities to the user.
  • PVA’s Extranet User Restriction custom module allows a Content Server (Livelink) software system to be used in an Extranet environment, preventing the external users from gaining unauthorized access to Livelink User information. This module has three main purposes:
    1. To allow multiple partners access without the knowledge of the other partners’ user profiles.
    2. To prevent “guests” of a project from viewing all the project participants.
    3. To prevent the accidental publication of sensitive information to a “public” area.
  •  The PVA Watermark custom module integrates the Appligent StampPDF software with Content Server (Livelink). The Watermark Module allows users to dynamically stamp pages of a PDF document within Content Server (Livelink) with any kind of text – watermarks, page numbers, dates, disclaimers, etc. – in the style and positioning required. In addition, the module allows users to apply a static watermark, or a combination of static and dynamic watermarks, to a PDF document at upload time. Once installed, Content Server (Livelink) users can set up configuration files with watermark information that can be associated with PDF files, or with folders containing PDF files.
  • Allows users to recover any deleted Content Server (Livelink) object. This module has several configuration options including: schedule purge of the iTrashcan, individual user iTrashcans, browsing and searching the contents of the iTrashcan, etc.
  • PVA’s Virus Scan custom module adds to Content Server (formerly Livelink) in order to minimize the spreading of file based computer viruses. The Content Server itself is not in danger of becoming infected from the files stored in its library; however, it might become the medium through which viruses are spread to other client computers. Eliminating the threat of a virus spreading is especially critical when Content Server is being used in an Internet or Extranet environment since the hosting company will typically be blamed for spreading these viruses. This module creates an interface between Content Server and third party virus scanning programs in order to detect incoming infected files. When a document is loaded into Content Server via Enterprise Connect, web interface, WebDAV, Livelink Explorer, or any standard LAPI connection, the Virus Scan module scans the temporary copy on the Internet server. If a virus is detected, the file is deleted from the server and a message is displayed to the user. The message includes details on the virus from the virus scanning software logs.
  • HealthScan is a set of reporting functions to help administrators identify and clean up Workflows, Repository Objects, and Users and Groups areas. In addition, it can aid in understanding of object usage and activity profiles for the repository.
  • Timer Step custom module can be used in series between two other steps to create a “wait” time, or it can be placed in parallel with another step to perform escalation processes if the associated step has not been completed.
  • FDFMerge is a custom module that Integrates the Appligent FDFMerge software with Content Server (Livelink) workflow forms. This integration module gives Content Server the ability to convert a Workflow Form into a PDF document and store that document within the Content Server repository.
  • AppendPDF is a custom module that creates a single PDF file from multiple PDF files in a controlled order. The module maintains the relationship of the master and the components, and can be regenerated if any of the components have been changed. It integrates with the Appligent AppendPDF software.
  • Project Creation Wizard is a custom module that allows users to create project areas within Content Server (Livelink) that are pre-populated with selected data (e.g., documents), folders, news channels, threaded discussions, and/or task lists. This module also expands the use of roles to enable the setup of a permissions structure to different business functions. The module is typically used in applications where multiple numbers of projects are frequently created requiring a standard set of data.

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