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Healthcare reform has initiated a technological explosion which is resulting in a myriad of user appliances and demands placed on health systems and their CIOs. These demands are placed on lall entities touched throughout the continuum of care. Many healthcare entities have developed key strategies:

  • Operational Efficiencies: Identification of best demonstrated workflows and processes thus reducing costs.
  • Reliability: Integrate systems and evaluate the present network infrastructure to increase reliability, speed and accuracy of delivery for the end user. Manage physical and virtual infrastructure plans and execution to meet emerging needs and complete initiatives.
  • Collaboration: Improve coordination and collaboration of patient care for better access, for all clinicians, of test results which reduces medication errors and opportunity for inappropriate care through the consolidation of patient information from multiple providers.
  • Patient Engagement: Provide patients and their families with integrated access to the most appropriate services in the most effective user friendly delivery method from the Medical facility via partner’s solutions.
  • Provider-Community Engagement: Build awareness with clear accurate, consistent, and targeted messages on the service programs benefits available for employees, patients, families, and other stakeholders. Gain feedback on programs reception and evaluation. Leverage technology solutions to accomplish initiative.
  • Scalability: Ability to grow post -merger/acquisitions and be prepared for any community emergencies/natural disasters.

Healthcare Solution Description

PVA, through its well experienced engineering staff and its key partners, provides HealthCare Solutions with a services and product portfolio that addresses the key strategic goals of the Healthcare industry. In a collaborative manner, PVA conducts detailed analysis, system design, system engineering, equipment procurement, solution installation, solution integration, testing, and lifecycle management services. As a systems integrator, PVA provides full turn-key HealthCare solutions and is vendor agnostic.

 HealthCare Solutions Focus

Business Transformation Assessement

The Connected Hospital

In Building Wireless Solutions

Unified Communications

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Data Center Solution


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