Business Transformation Assessment




The Business Transformation Assessment (BTA) is a process that helps healthcare Information Technology  departments collect feedback from end users, prioritize their needs, align those needs with corporate objectives and build a multi-year technology roadmap to address them.

PVA’s Business Transformation Assessment (BTA) is intended to gather inputs (through interviews, group meetings, job shadowing) from stakeholders across the organization (clinical, non-clinical, executive and working-level) in order to gather a comprehensive view of the various objectives and challenges with communication. These observations are then used to create a strategic roadmap.

Driving the thinking behind the Business Transformation Assessment is Alcatel-Lucent’s Connected Hospital Reference Model. The Connected Hospital Reference Model was created using Alcatel-Lucent’s experience with hospital customers from around the world. These customers have successfully leveraged communications infrastructure to improve outcomes, increase operational effectiveness and prepare for a healthcare environment where electronic health records and imaging and medical collaboration play a significant role in their healthcare workflow. These practice areas represent a clustering of technolo­gies, platforms and applications that address key system attributes. We use this reference model as a tool to consider the entire ecosystem of systems that leading healthcare customers require in an environment of patient-centric healthcare.


PVA’s Business Transformation Assessment methodology is beneficial to healthcare

provider IT departments because it:

  • Uncovers hidden end-user requirements
  • Identifies projects that support long term executive objectives
  • Clearly shows the interdependency between projects

PVA delivers the solutions and expertise healthcare providers of all sizes need across the

continuum of care delivery. Whether you are a hospital, a hospice, an assisted living

facility, a clinic or an imaging center, PVA solutions will help you change the conversation

and improve patient outcomes.

Analysis of Process flows

Connectivity assessment

Determination of dependencies & delays

Recommendations for process improvement

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