In Building Wireless Solutions for HealthCare


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Healthcare personnel require access to a range of wireless technologies with high availability and reliable connectivity. Most healthcare facilities are faced with pressure from clinicians, patients and visitors to provide thorough, high-quality service from wireless service providers, especially if they are heavy users of the latest wireless technologies and smartphones. Healthcare facilities need to offer this high-quality wireless coverage from multiple service providers.

The resulting patchwork of provider- and application-specific solutions inevitably becomes unwieldy and unscalable. Such situations endanger a healthcare facility’s ability to provide quality care be­cause RF interference is unpredictable, and the ability to rapidly deploy new, critical applications is severely impaired.

The solution to meeting these diverse needs is a wireless infrastructure that is capable of supporting all wireless technologies and is implemented for optimal coverage, minimal interference and scal­able capacity. A wireless solution which utilizes the various technology types in a complimentary fashion.

The In-building Wireless Continuity Solution implements a wireless broadband network throughout a healthcare facility’s building or campus. Multiple modulation protocols utilize a common backbone network to transport voice and data information to remote areas to enhance coverage. This design enables the wireless infrastructure to support numerous wireless technologies simultaneously and position the wireless infrastructure for new and critical wireless applications.

A properly implemented indoor wireless solution covers two prime kinds of wireless communication:

  •  Extended in-building coverage for public networks such as cellular voice, Third Generation/ Fourth Generation (3G/4G) data, public safety radio and pagers
  • Consolidated internal Wi-Fi networks for IP wireless LAN (WLAN) functionality

Key Features:

Solution Planning and Design

Solution Project Management

RF Assessment of existing facilities

Consolidation of WiFi networks

Extension of cellular coverage

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