Where’s my Sister?

rtls 4As you probably have gathered, PVA has a concentration of providing technology solutions to the HealthCare Industry. This is only one of the vertical market segments that we are working with, and, as you can imagine, it has its challenges.

One of my sisters was recently admitted to the hospital. She thought that she was having a heart attack and complained that it seemed like she couldn’t breathe with her throat closing up. She called me from the hospital to get my opinion and I mentioned acid reflux was a possibility (isn’t it funny how we all try to diagnose illnesses).

Anyway, she had various tests and it was confirmed that she didn’t have acid reflux. A particular doctor was planning to do some extensive testing with some equipment from his office and scheduled this test for the very next day. Meanwhile, that evening my sister was moved from the second floor to the third floor.

The doctor shows up the next day at the appointment time, goes to the second floor, and asks a nurse where my sister was and was told by the nurse that she was discharged. The doctor took his equipment back to his office on the other side of town.

My sister ended up being in the hospital for several more days and finally got the test done from the doctor at his office about a week after it was originally scheduled.

My conclusion from this entire event was unnecessary cost by the doctor, unnecessary cost from the HealthCare facility, and a very upset patient, my sister. My other conclusion is that many HealthCare facilities have the technology today to locate patients with wireless tagging technology. The other is that technology may exist, but it is no good if it is not being used appropriately.

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